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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't you love this cover?

Kudos to April at Liquid Silver Books for this awesome new cover! I am on a cover roll this fall, with the hot number Kathryn did up for me at Phaze for Daring Young Man - which, by the way is OUT NOW! Go get it. Phaze has a new shopping cart, which is much easier to use than the last one, plus it's available at Fictionwise! And I hear we're going to be distributed elsewhere, I'm excited about that.

I don't have a release date for Love's DoMINion yet, but I imagine no later than spring given the quick-paced editing schedule. Next up, A Winter's Dare is going to be included among the Phaze Snugglers. Fourteen titles, the most of any themed HeatSheet, which makes me wonder if these will be bound into print soon. I hope so, but Winter is part of Dareville, so maybe I could talk Phaze into an all Dareville anthology one day. Between Double Dare (also out now), Dulce, and Winter, it wouldn't take much to add more stories. Maybe if I wrote a Dareville story for every upcoming Phaze theme sheet, I would have enough for an anthology.

Speaking of anthologies, my story "Midnight Treasures" will be featured in the first Phaze Fantasies, four-author anthologies to debut in 2007. I'll be in with Bridget Midway, Alessia Brio, and Ann Regentin!

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