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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Flying Under Radar, Covers

Soooo busy with so many things, I didn't realize Under Covers was released until I got the latest Venus Press newsletter! Well, it's here, and I'm here finally, so I hope you're at Venus Press ordering it!

Venus Press , 1-59836-373-5, $3.98
Buy now from Venus Press...

This book includes: scenes of graphic heterosexual sex

Part of the Mystical Sign series from Venus.

Libby Hoffman is an undercover reporter with a tabloid paper devoted to the important issues, like vegetables that resemble celebrities and shapeshifters living among the populace. Just as she's had enough with the job, along comes a story that too juicy to resist, one that might launch Libby to work in a real newspaper.

Fellow reporter Mark Grimes proves too much of a distraction for Libby, yet Libby sees the potential for an even bigger story - among other big things - by teaming up with the sexy hunk. When she discovers Mark is not entirely what he seems, Libby realizes she's stumbled upon more than just Pulitzer material.

Double Dare is on the way as well...but I'm going to wait a bit before holding a contest. Maybe mid-September I'll have something to coincide with this flood of releases! and Daring Young Man and Sinful Sundaes 2 aren't far behind, either.

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