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Friday, August 04, 2006

Standing Guard now available

Standing Guard by Leigh EllwoodStanding Guard
Venus Press, Sexy Confessions to Venus
Buy the eBook ($1.50) from Venus...

This book includes: scenes of graphic heterosexual sex.

A Venus Press Sexy Confession!

From the latest line of sexy short shorts from Venus Press comes Leigh Ellwood's Standing Guard. This first-person "confessional" conveys the erotic fantasies of a young women missing her soldier as he serves and protects overseas. At home, his woman serves and protects her lover's memory, waiting for the day he comes home.

This story is dedicated to all military wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends missing their loved ones in Iraq and other parts of the world. May they come home safely, and soon.

Sweet Italian Hills will be going off to its next lucky viewer this weekend. It's been so busy over here, with visiting relatives and switching sitters for baby. Also, planning for the NYC Phaze in the City trip, too. I have to decide what to read and what to wear, so as not to outshine or be outshone. This is a first for many of the Phaze ladies, I've done signings but not a reading before. Very nervous. Good thing it's being held in a bar, I don't have to walk far after I'm done.

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