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Monday, August 07, 2006

Shall We Samba?

I may have mentioned, either here or in my free newsletter, that I had written a work for Phaze's Samba line. The work went through a number of drafts, and titles, before I settled on Dulce, meaning "sweet" or "candy." TPTB at Phaze really liked the work, but saw that it was a semi-Dareville story (meaning you'll see reference to some Dareville characters, but the hero is a new guy. Also, you'll see Chelsea, who has been mentioned in previous books). I was asked if I minded holding off on the work, maybe lengthening it for a full-fledged release? I didn't have a problem with that, since Daring Young Man is in the can and I have Double Dare as a short to look forward to. I hope you're looking forward to it as well.

Well, I get a message a while back informing me of a vacancy in the Samba line, could Dulce fill it? I admit it took some time to decide, between a novel release or a short. Time, however, made the decision for me. I have a few contracts to honor, and don't have the time to work on a longer piece, so Dulce, to my surprise, is here!


, published August, 2006
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This book includes: scenes of graphic heterosexual sex

When musician Neil Randall rolls into Caracas at three in the morning, it is with the intent to commit wanton acts of kindness until he can barely mount his motorcycle again. That the lovely and legendary singer Chelsea is in town further inflames his desires to get back at his ex for her infidelity.

Yet a chance encounter in a hotel hottub with a lovely young expatriate throws Neil for a loop. Suddenly he is torn between leaving a girl in every port and leaving the port with this girl. Are Neil's feelings for the one everybody calls "Dulce" genuine, or is he fooling himself?

Enjoy Caracas at three in the morning with this hot Samba by Leigh Ellwood, a pseudo-Dareville short.

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