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Monday, June 26, 2006

Thus endeth the streak

A bit of sad news followed by better news: it would appear my quest to collect the entire set of themed HeatSheets at Phaze has come to an end. Dulce, my submitted work, did not make the final list. However, it was not wholly rejected. I have the opportunity to lengthen the work into a category and add it to the growing Dareville series. Dulce was not meant to be a Dareville work, per se, but there were references to Cal Briscoe and lyrics to a Brady Garriston tune featured. Dulce followed the story of a drummer friend of Cal's, slumming in Caracas to forget the demise of his marriage. In retrospect, I do feel the story is larger than the 12K word limit.

So, I will make Dulce a category length, at the very least. Rather than reference Cal, I'll bring him into the story at different points to interact with Neil, the drummer. How much interaction, I haven't decided. ;-)

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