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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Podcast Woes, Book Joys

What a time for my microphone to go kablooie, right when I have two new releases to celebrate and share! Guh!

If you listened to the last podcast, you'll notice it sounded like I was broadcasting from an empty beer vat because of the echo. To be honest, I don't know why or how it started behaving this way. I can only guess my little gremlin, who thinks all of mommy's toys are hers, too, did something to the microphone.

I just did a podcast for Jack of Diamonds (out now!) and it sounded so terrible I couldn't upload it. I would rather not do a cast than deliver a sub par one to you. So until I get this figure out, please check out my excerpts and listings for

Jack of Diamonds
M/M Erotic Romance
From Phaze

Dragons, Elves, and Myths, Oh My!
Paranormal Erotic Romance
From Midnight Showcase

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