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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Turn the pinker shade of pale...

A fun time at The Pink Banana was had by all. Thank you, Crystal and the other PB ladies, for hosting us a second time. Thanks to everybody who stopped by the tables to chat and sign for the gift basket drawings, and to those who bought our books. It was an especially good day for me, as I arrived for the signing to find disc copies of Muse available for sale! I had not expected to see the book live for another month, but there it was in my hot little hands. Muse should be available in the Phaze store sometime this week or next, so be on the lookout for a flood of PR, contest announcements and general crowing. Muse was actually written before Truth or Dare, but underwent sooooo many edits before the final final draft. Like waiting for an egg to hatch, this was, but I feel so much better knowing Stacey felt it was time to release the book.

Now, I have to worry about Boone, the followup, as well as a followup to Jack of Hearts. A recent review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews praises the characterization and description of the story, but found disappointment in the ending. If you haven't read Jack, I won't go into detail, but the question of a sequel was posed. I hadn't considered one, but enough readers have requested it, so why not? Jack and Lars were wonderful to me, easy to write, too. They deserve to be heard more.

Anyway, back to the signing. I had already met Laura Bacchi and Bridget Midway, but this was the first time I met Robin Slick, Jessie Verino, Petula Caesar, Jayelle Drewry (who got her own surprise when she saw Waking Annabel ready to sell), and Devi Sparks. What a great bunch of ladies with whom to be associated! We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and experiencing first-hand life in a BDSM dungeon.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

That's right, dungeon. The Friday before our signing, we were invited to panel a program on writing erotic romance, and in exchange learned quite a bit about the lifestyle. Now, I don't see myself as a domme or a submissive, and I don't know if I would ever embrace the lifestyle to any degree, but that night I came away with a better understanding of people who do "submit" to the life, as well as the people to whom they submit. For some, it's not like a night out at a club...it's a 24/7 way of life on their terms, and the people with whom we visited couldn't be happier. I wish them well, as I wish well all of the great Phaze authors.

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