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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The price of procrastination is exactly $17.85

I thought I had plenty of time to get a printed ARC of The Healing to RT for inclusion in the March, 2006 issue. You can imagine my horror when I get an email yesterday afternoon from Venus Press letting me know that if I wanted the review the book had to be there today! $17.85 for overnight delivery to New York, and I'll be checking my tracking number today so it had better be there. There's no sleet, no snow, no hail, no cow blocking the road, and no reason why it shouldn't deliver when the nice lady at the post office said it would.

At least I didn't have to pay that much when I sent Sinful Sundaes for the February ad. Did I mention we finally cracked the Top 20 at Fictionwise? I think the greatest compliment, however, came from a reader who let me know that instead of entering a contest for a giveaway, she went out and got the book because she couldn't wait to read it.

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