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Friday, November 04, 2005

How SUITE It is!

If you subscribe to SUITE Magazine, you will have seen my reviews of American Dad, House, Rescue Me, and Snapped! Each month brings four new shows for review, and I'm due to send in another installment. I think for December I might check out Freddie and Invasion, maybe a celeb-reality show to cleanse the palate.

What I didn't know myself until today was that SUITE posted a nice review of Sinful Sundaes in their September issue. It reads in part:
Looking for a quick, tasty treat to heat you up? Then SINFUL SUNDAES is the anthology for you. Each of the seven stories are set to a day of the week and sweet flavored ice cream treat. This collection of stories is the first for the Spellfire line, a series set in the paranormal and magical town of Spellfire, Texas. Covered by and teeming with magic, you can't help stepping aside from being a tourist and staying.

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and witches are only the start of what's walking down the street in this Texas town. You get the grand tour through the magic that happens between two people in this town through the places of the Sinful Sundaes Ice Cream Shoppe, the Witch Academy, downtown, and the woods filled with nature objects that used to be humans. When you get a taste for these stories, your sweet tooth will be aching for more to come from the Spellfire collection.

~Lysa Demorest
SUITE Magazine

Reading this makes it all the more sweeter to know that not only is Sinful currently the top seller for Midnight Showcase books in Fictionwise, but we're in the Top 50 overall for Erotica! AND...plans are in place to go to audiobook! I can't wait to hear one of my stories read. I have to say, too, it is fitting that a story about a women trapped in her delivery truck will soon be heard by people driving to work! Ha!

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