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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Sale is A Sale

So Bridget Midway is rapping at the Phaze chat, like she normally does, when she oh so casually mentions that she's trying to get us local Phaze ladies another booksigning. I'm thinking, wonderful, we had such a blast at The Pink Banana, and I'm looking forward to the In the Pink event next month...I'm wondering where Bridget has us selling our wares next.

That's when she reveals a possible June, 2006 date at the White Tail Park, a nudist camp.

As in naked nude. Not nekkid nude, mind you. You remember what Lewis Grizzard said about the difference betwen naked and nekkid: Naked means you got no clothes, nekkid means you got no clothes and you're up to something. This is a family camp, not Hedonism. Seems every year they have an open house with an accompanying art show, and Bridget's trying to get them to add books. Will be interesting to see if they'll take us.

Which, of course, begs the question: where do naked people keep their money?

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