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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Curse of the Were-Computer

It had to happen right as I'm about to launch a mad promotional campaign for Jack of Hearts...my laptop screen burns out! The hard drive is fine, thank goodness, so I won't have to rewrite Daring Young Man from memory, but I had to send the computer away to be fixed. It's under warranty, but it will be a week before I get it back. I feel as though I lost my arm. You should see me at the house, I'm pacing like a nervous cat, not knowing what to do. All those chats listed on the calendar I will not likely attend because of this. Drat.

"Go for a walk," hubby suggested last night. So I bundled up, plugged in the iPod shuffle and barreled into the wind listening to Rush. Small comfort, but walking helps me form ideas for future works. What stinks about this whole thing is that I was nearly finished with my piece for Elves, Dragons, and Myths. Oh, My! for Midnight Showcase when this happened. I need to get back to work before the inspiration goes away.

Where's my iPod?

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