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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why we'll never want for material

I'm often asked where I find ideas for stories. I'm fortunate in that an idea comes to me literally every day. I see a leaf on a tree, I come up with a story. I see Demi and Ashton have made it legal, I'll think of a story based on that. Me, and about thirty million other romance authors.

Of course, the May-December romance tilted in the lady's favor is a common theme in romance and other genres. Susan Isaacs did it rather well in After All These Years, for example. It's not a theme I've tackled yet - all of the Dareville men have been significantly older than their ladies, and Jake in Daring Young Man is twice Lauren's age! Doesn't mean, however, I won't touch the subject. In fact, I may just have an idea brewing. :-)

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