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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Unicorns like to watch..and dare

Five Unicorns for Voyeur from Enchanted in Romance!

Rachelle writes: "Phenomenal short story! I was touched that this author was able to weave such a tender, loving sub-story about a couple just trying to hold on for however long to the love they’ve shared while a debilitating condition is ravaging the woman. Then the heroine’s compassion and understanding of their needs while her body is being thrown into a raging lust is just pure ingenious. A must read that will worm its way into your mind and soul."

Four and a half for Dare Me!

Rachelle wrties; "This was such an awesome story. I so hope when I’m in my late thirties and early fifties I will still be living life to the fullest as these characters are. I know a lot of people read to submerge themselves in fantasy. For me it’s just as beautiful when a realistic story touches me and shows that even in “real” life there are chances for true love and though it may not be perfect getting there the end results are worth any pricks on the way. A must read for anyone looking for a realistic contemporary piece with normal people having loads of sexy fun."

I'm practically Giggling. ;)

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