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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So long...and thanks for all the coconuts

Kind thoughts and prayers to the Denvers, for Bob has finally left the island. Comforting to think he and the Skipper are sharing bunk beds in the hut again; of course, if it's Heaven, maybe Gilligan is bunking with an angel in short shorts and a gingham top.

Yes, I always thought he preferred MaryAnn over Ginger. I prefer MaryAnn over Ginger. If I were on that island, you know I'd definitely would have switched teams. The Skipper was too much of a dom for my tastes, the Howells' money was no good to me there, and the Professor...well, explain how a learned man like that can get NPR on a contraption made of conch shells and palm fronds and yet not think of building a frickin' raft? Imagine there's a lot more he didn't know, ifyouknowwhutImean. Speaking of, once upon a time I actually found some erotic Gilligan's Island fan fiction. Haven't been able to find it lately, but I wouldn't know where to look.

Finally broke 20K on Daring Young Man, finished a chapter with a flashback love scene between Jake and his wife, recalling their first time - together and overall. Capturing that kind of romance in an explicit way was a bit of a challenge, hope you all enjoy it when the book is polished.

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