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Friday, September 09, 2005

So I dared...and bought socks

Unlike other authors I know, I'm not so enthused about the EPPIE Awards. Competition is fierce, particularly in the erotic romance categories, and for me to enter all of eligible works this year will set me back a hundred bucks. So, only one child could go to the prom this year. Of the possible candidates:

Truth or Dare
Dare Me
The Stars Look Down
The Healing

I decided on Dare Me. It may seem odd for me to choose the second book of Dareville rather than the first, but if you think about it Dare Me is not really a sequel. Though Cal and Sue are featured in Truth, Dare Me works as a standalone story. Hopefully if the judge hasn't read Truth first, she/he will able to get through the story with a good understanding of the Dareville world. Also, I feel closer to Cal than my other characters. He's a guy who has been with me for some time, even before I put him on paper. It may seem weird to somebody who isn't an author, but I believe these are the characters who better come to life. JK Rowling once said Harry Potter just appeared to her and didn't leave, Cal is like that to me. But I prefer to see him without the wizard robes.

Hey, don't forget to enter the Spellfire contest. To celebrate the Halloween launch of Sinful Sundaes by Midnight Showcase, we authors are giving away a basket of treats, including (this is copied from Mae's newsletter):

Midnight Showcase: Gift Certificate for one book, winner's choice.
Mae Powers: Sinful Sensations On the go key chain set, 1 Strawberry Seduction and 1 Rich Vanilla plus Two bottles of Sinful Sensations Body Massage Lotions: Strawberry Seduction and Rich Vanilla.
Jennifer Metz: Bag of marshmallow goodies and more.
Ann Regentin: Lovely heart shaped aurora Necklace in Pink from Alaska.
Anne Leland: Bracelet with charms.
Katrina Marlowe: Book On Southern Carolina Ghosts.
Leigh Ellwood: Pair of Cherry Garcia socks and a free pint coupon for Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Leanne: A touch of Honey Body Powder: Sensually Edible Raspberry Chocolate and Two tubes of Chocolate body Toppings, Chocolate Strawberry and Chocolate Almond.
Emery LaRue: Basket and Extra Goodies.
Tamara James: Beautiful handmade Anklet.
Jewel Adams: Ad space for Author's Book Cover.

Email your entry to: mailto:spellfiretreats@yahoo.com In the subject line you must put, "Sinful Sundaes" for this Halloween Basket. Only entries with that subject title will be eligible. This contest will be posted on all of the writers’ sites, plus it will be listed on Jewels Way Internet Radio program. Winner will be announced on Sally Painter’s Midnight Hour Show when Mae Powers will be Sally’s guest on October 12, 2005.
I will be Sally's guest on November 23.

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