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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shake, shiver, and shout!

It's official: Jack of Hearts has been contracted as one of six to claim the title of Shiver, a Halloween HeatSheet by Phaze (which, by the way, has dropped the .com from its logo...like Cher without Sonny, but different).

The Phaze Shivers are horror-themed erotic romance - you might see werewolves or haunted houses, stains that won't come out (hey, that can be scary), and other sexy-spooky creatures. You will definitely see vampires this time around, and you're in for a treat if you enjoy M/M vampire fiction. Jack of Hearts is just over 5K, perfect for a quick read on a backlit eBook reader while you're carting the kids around the block this year, nobody has to know you aren't reading Lord Jim. Just be careful where you walk, in case somebody or something wants to take a bite out of you.

Jack of Hearts will share space alongside:

Moondance, by Selah March
Erotique, by Alessia Brio
The Invitation, by Ava McKnight
Ebb Moon, by Emily Veinglory
Fearfully Delicious, by Adrianna Dane

Congratulations to everybody contracted. Be sure to check the calendar for the Shivers chat schedule for your chance to win a free eBook or two.

Speaking of Phaze, my phellow booksigning partner Laura Bacchi has taken the healm of the Love Romances Yahoo group today to promote her romance stories. She's giving away copies of Chella's Quest and Sweet Revenge. Stop by. And don't forget the Maejical Powers party tonight.

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