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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Miss October

If you look to the right you'll see I've updated the online/offline appearances list. The lovely Cassandra Peterson (you know her as Elvira) always used to say that October was, natch, her busiest month for work. I won't dare compare myself to her (I'd say I have two cups sizes to go), but it would appear Phaze is going to be all over the map next month with the Shivers launch and other works released in that time. Submissions for the Phaze Shivers line are due in two days, and I've not heard about the fate of Jack of Hearts. With the Sparklers, we already in the Phaze constellation were given an idea of how many submissions were received. The Shivers are a complete mystery to us, prolly done so to heighten the tension of the seasonal launch. I know of a few in-house authors who sent in work, but there are no words on the street to share.

Truly, I'd caution to say you're going to be sick of us come November, but if you attend enough of the chats and author days you stand a better chance of snagging some swag and free, sexy eBooks, so it'll be worth your time. Especially if you're into bi-curious vampires.

October will also see an interview with me on Novelspot, and November brings an interview with May Reviews. I'm happy to do both and will strive not to repeat myself. I've done enough interviews since Truth or Dare to know that you don't want to come off as stale, like a talking head that spews the same boring tales over and over. You know, like an SNL skit beaten to death. Yes, we know Will Farrell's back goes out every time his luvvah pounces on him, let's move on.

This weekend, too, I've become a button whore. I discovered The Fanlistings directory and went a bit wild, wanting to join every sex-related list. I can't help it if I enjoy sex and sexuality so much that I want to make my preferences known in a way akin to collecting naughty Girl Scout patches. Everything you see at the bottom right of the blog, I love. I wouldn't be worth my salt as an author of erotic romance if I didn't enjoy the occasional tongue on my...well, that button is self-explanatory.

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