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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lovely Rita, Hurricane...where would I be without you?

Safe at home, most likely. I've been too busy to keep up on this 'cane's path, but knowing it cruised through Key West reminded me too well of the time we dodged Andrew while vacationing in the Keys. We managed to get one of the last planes out of MIA before the storm hit. A Knight's Inn, where we stayed near Marathon, was razed completely. I hear Rita may be just as bad...good thoughts and prayers headed south.

Writing wise, I hit 3K on "Leading Lady," a short I'm writing for a January deadline for a Midnight Showcase anthology called Elves, Dragons, and Myths. Oh My! Looks to be an interesting mix of fantasy erotic romance. My piece will be about elves, but not the kind who live in trees and make crackers, of course. More like the Orlando Bloom kind, yummy.

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