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Monday, September 12, 2005

Got a sweet tooth?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Or a sweet something else, perhaps? Wink wink, nudge nudge, pass the extra fudge...and whipped cream and wet nuts (!) Here is an early draft of the first Midnight Showcase digest featuring the frightfully fun fictional town of Spellfire, Texas. It's not exactly Lake Wobegon, the children might not be slightly above average, but the sex is supreme.

Sinful Sundaes is the first of at least three Spellfire digests I know of. Seven days of frosty delights await you this Halloween, one for each day of the week. My story takes place on a freaky Friday, a day for faeries and cherries, and faeries poppin' cherries. Many of the stories in this anthology take place at Sinful Sundaes, Spellfire's one-stop shop for ice cream treats and lovin' with some flavor, yet "Faeries and Cherries" takes place primarily on the corner of Transylvania and Bates, in the cab of a Fairy Belle Ice Cream delivery truck. Seems my driver can't quite make it to the store to make the week's delivery, no thanks to the irate Faerie holding her and her wares hostage until justice is served. Seems Fairy Belle is seriously guilty of copyright infringement and other slanderous deeds, and rebellious faerie Kor is out to exact revenge.

How does a faerie exact revenge from a delivery driver. One orgasm at a time. Deeeelicious.

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