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Thursday, September 22, 2005


4 stars for Voyeur from eCataRomance: "Leigh Ellwood has coupled heart breaking tragedy with hope and come up with story that gives the reader a desirous book with characters full of strength."

I like that I'm still getting reviews (good ones, to boot) for a summer release with a specialized summer promotion. It shows that although the novella was part of a seasonal launch, the story is good enough to transcend summertime. Voyeur, obviously, can be enjoyed any time of year, and I find it flattering that most readers enjoy the unusual story line. I strive not to get too predictable in my work, and with the good reviews on this one I am contemplating a follow up story.

Phaze has not yet selected the Shivers for Halloween, but talk is already generating on the Snugglers, novella with a winter theme. I had thought to write a Voyeur follow up, focusing on Sheila, the nurse. She's always looking for Some of That, I should probably give it to her.

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