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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Whittling Away

Just breached 13K on Daring Young Man. It's not coming as quickly as Dare Me did, but I'm not worried. Cal was just an easier character to write because he was more vivid than the rest. While I don't dislike the cast of Dareville 3, I want to be careful not to make everybody seem wooden and one-dimensional. I can't make them be like Cal, they need to be themselves. I have a feeling DYM is going to have a loooooong editing stage.

Looking back, I won't be disappointed if Phaze passes on Jack of Hearts. I feel the story could use more work, now that I look back. A rejection just may be a blessing, a chance to lengthen and enhance the story with more interaction between the principals. If not for Phaze, then for an upcoming M/M anthology for which I volunteered at Venus.

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