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Monday, July 18, 2005

A day early and a dollar richer, I hope

DARE ME, the sequel to TRUTH OR DARE, has just been released!


Dare Me, by Leigh Ellwood
ISBN 1-59426-513-5
July 2005

Studio musician Cal Briscoe has it bad for his best friend's girl, and when Brady Garriston announces his engagement, Cal realizes he will never have a chance with the lovely and exciting Ellie Shaw. Losing interest in his work and discouraged with his love life, he decides to leave the city behind...and hopefully his feelings for Ellie. He accepts Brady's offer of use of the Garriston/Shaw home in Dareville, and is shocked to discover one amenity...Ellie's friend Sue Carmichael. Seems Ellie neglected to mention that she had allowed Sue to stay there, too!

Cal and Sue are the Odd Couple of Dareville, dancing on each other's nerves as they try to make the best of the situation. But how long will it be before Sue and Cal kill each other...or wind up in bed?

Cover art by Stacey L. King

Elements: Mild m/m/f threesome, f/f fantasy

Sooo excited. The buzz from early readers has been promising so far. If you liked TRUTH, you'll love this one.

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