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Friday, April 29, 2005

She's a Bad Mamma Jamma...

Shut yo mouth.

Newsletter's out and sent. If you're not signed up, check the link at the top of the blog. It's a good one this month, with a great prize for May! I had planned another book giveaway, but I'm doing one via The Romance Studio this month (see WHERE I'LL BE in the letter for details), and with this being the month of Mother's Day, I decided to do something special. So I was at this sex toy store in Norfolk last week...

I know, what does this have to do with Mom? Well, one of the things discussed at the margarita summit was contests for readers. What could we do to attract the attention of our readers? Free books are good, free pictures of nekkid guys are better, especially if the guys are on my book covers. :-) So I'm at this store trying to find some inspiration...and I see this deck of Vivid Men playing cards.

I think to myself, "Mom played bridge for years. Wouldn't it be interesting to get the girlfriends together for a few rounds of bridge with these cards!" So, this month, in my own twisted way of celebrating Mother's Day, I'm giving away a deck of Vivid Men playing cards. You can see for yourself what they look like at http://thepinkbanana.com and doing a search, but you must be at least 18.

Consequently, this contest is open to all 18 and up. These cards are hot; I wouldn't mind shuffling through this desk once or twice.

To enter the contest, simply send me an e-mail at kspatwriter @ yahoo.com (omit spaces) and tell me who your favorite TV Mom is. Deadline is Mother's Day.

There is no wrong answer, and if I get enough entries I'll list the answers in a poll for next month's letter. So whether you admire Marge Simpson or Carol Brady, let me know and you could be holding onto some serious Aces in June!

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