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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Remember Me in St. Louis...

...my darling Phazettes, if you're not out right now getting drunk and salsa dancing with the Harlequin cover boys, their tanned skin oiled to the point of reflecting the mirrorballs in the hospitality lounge, or wherever the party is.

The RT con is going on strong, so sayeth our fearless Phaze leader. If you're in town and took an Internet break to see what I'm doing (absolutely nothing; I just turned in the Muse edits and finished my part of the Midnight Treasures anthology, so I'm taking a breather), head on down to the Phaze table and pick up some goodies. I think all but two of us are there, wishing we were there, too. I'll definitely be there next year.

For now, I must be content that Phaze does a presence there this year, and that we'll be bigger in Daytona. Next week I start Daring Young Man in earnest, along with a Dareville short called Vegas Dare. What happens in Vegas may stay there, but this certainly won't. More later.

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