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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pretty Unicorns All in a Row

Four unicorns for Truth or Dare! Thanks to Enchanted in Romance for the nice review.

Interesting that they are the first to truly comment on the M/M scene. Other reviews mention it in passing, but here the reviewer questioned its necessity. Which is okay, reviews like this only serve to help me later on, particularly since I'm 46K words into the sequel.

Why did I include an M/M scene in Truth or Dare? Not so much for adding gratuitous sex to the story (though I imagine some readers wouldn't mind a little gratuity now and then!), but as a means of enhancing Brady's character. He's come home from a long trip, he hasn't been with anybody in a long time, he's horny. He needs some relief, and a solo trip isn't going to cut it. With this scene (and I won't go into detail because you have to buy the book), I was trying to shape his character, to show that Brady - while essentially a ladies' man - is willing to experiment sexually. It was my hope to show this scene as a premise to his adventures with Ellie later on.

As for Dare Me, there is a brief M/M/F, but it's not as intense as the one in Truth or Dare. You'll find that Brady's friend Cal is all about the ladies!

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