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Thursday, February 17, 2005

May Casey Kasem have mercy on my soul

I promised myself when I got published that I wouldn't turn into one of those obsessive authors who is constantly checking his rank on the bookstore sites to see how well things are faring. I understand it's not much of a gauge where actual sales are concerned, anyway. But, I have to admit I was buoyed by seeing that Truth or Dare jumped from 89 to 56 in the Erotica category at Fictionwise, and that there's one Great rating by my book. A nice surprise. Now to crack the Top 40.

And for some more exciting news, Dare Me is finally completed! 55K+ words and contract in hand. This one was much more fun to write than Truth or Dare (hopefully as fun or more fun to read, time will tell) So, now it's off to begin Daring Young Man, the story of schoolteacher Lauren and grocer Jake. Readers have asked me when Claire will get her story: hers will be the fourth installment, I just need to figure out who is going to be her man.

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