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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

And then there's Maude

The delightful Maude Mercury blogs at Phaze now, our official eyes and ears and keyboard of what's happening with the publisher. She offers a good rundown of our chat, if you weren't able to make it. For most of it, I wasn't able to make it, either. Computer problems kept kicking me out of the Yahoo chat room we moved to after the Phaze chat room crashed. But we did have fun; a number of people showed and a copy of Truth or Dare was given away to a (hopefully) satisfied reader.

Speaking of, you'll have a chance to win Truth or Dare on December 15th if I pick your name from my newsletter subscription base, so sign up now if you haven't yet. If not, you can press your luck on the 17th when I give a copy away through the Three Degrees of Love mailing list run by Jewel Adams.

Dare Me is plugging along. 32K words now, and I'm getting ready to write up a hot love scene!

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