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Saturday, October 09, 2004

What I'm Reading

While I'm waiting to be published, I'm trying to get quite a bit of reading done in addition to writing (Dare Me just hit the 22K mark! Trying to get the first draft done before NaNo.) I breezed through Cheyenne McCray's Wildfire and Wildcat, two in a series set in the hot, hot West by Ellora's Cave, and a mini anthology, from EC, Taken, which features a story from Jaid Black's Trek series. I've only read the first in that series, the famous (notorious?) The Empress' New Clothes, which I like for the most part - though some of the dialogue had me chuckling at inopportune times.

Now I'm on Dakota Cassidy's The Ex-Files: Mayhem and Maddie from Changling Press, and it looks very promising. There's a scene early on where the heroine stumbles upon a "furry" shindig (not my thing, personally) that is hilarious. I'm of the belief that one can mix humor and sex in proper doses and come up with a good story. That's my goal for Dare Me, which is going to take on a lighter tone than Truth or Dare, though Truth is going to have its humorous moments as well. I've sent off a few ARCs and prize donations already. Hope the readers enjoy them.

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