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Friday, October 01, 2004

And Away Wrimo!

Okay, I have officially signed up for National Novel Writing Month, to begin in November. This will be the first time I have attempted NaNoWriMo and I'm very excited about it. I hope, first, to complete the first draft of Dare Me before then. I'm about 17K words in, and at the rate I'm going I don't anticipate too many delays in that project.

My NaNo project is tentatively titled Midnight at the Oasis. The story I have in mind in inspired by true events, of two acquaintances who forged a friendship over the Internet that became something stronger. Though the two have yet to meet face to face, they are engaged to be married. Their online courtship was very romantically charged, and with this story I'm planning I hope to integrate parts of their story into a broader one with a subplot involving another couple (entirely fictionally based, but inspired by two other people I know of). I'll be working on the outline this month to tie everything together before I begin writing on November 1. Of course, I'll have updates and excerpts on the blog.

Signed ARCs of Truth or Dare will be printed up next week to send to various romance newsletter contests. More on that later.

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