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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Book News, Lots to Tell

First off, it is official: Truth or Dare has been contracted by Phaze.com to be published in eBook format, and possibly print format, in early 2005. A preliminary cover is in the works, and boy does it look hot! Certainly hotter than anything I've seen at Borders lately. :-) I'll have to check the Blogger terms of service to see if it can even be posted here. ;-)

Here is a preliminary book blurb I am working on for Truth or Dare, one I'm sending around to romance review sites and others:

TRUTH OR DARE by Leigh Ellwood
Phaze.com (Mundania), ISBN and price pending

Rock and roll legend Brady Garriston is in a slump. Attorney Claire Walker has given him the heave-ho, and he can't seem to write any new material for his next album. When a colleague suggests he get away from the city, Brady decides to take it a step further by reinventing himself as Gary Stone, in hopes of renewing his creative spark.

Ellie Shaw loves her life in sleepy Dareville, Virginia, but it's not without its problems. Her love life is non-existent and her job is in jeopardy, but things change when she meets Gary Stone and discovers his secret. Soon the two are making beautiful music together, but Ellie worries the music will stop if "Gary" realizes his cover may be blown. That, and there's the problem of Ellie's cousin Claire, who is starting to think she was hasty in dumping Brady!

TRUTH OR DARE is the first book in the Dareville Stories series. The second, DARE ME, is currently in progress.

More news soon. Keep checking!

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