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Friday, October 07, 2005

Zappa-ed Between the Eyes

or, I'm Only In It For the Money
or, Nanook Rubs It, Over and Over

Just like me to learn to appreciate something after it's long gone. A friend introduced me to Mr. Frank Zappa and I'm hooked. I've listened to "Joe's Garage" so many times now I nearly wrote the lyrics in one of my chapters. Can't say whether or not Frank would have appreciated it, but I doubt his lawyers would be very amused.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd, if anything is likely to threaten my yen for M/M fiction, it's probably the picture to your left. I found this gem at Sick Sad World, who snitched it from Boing Boing, who snitched it from the All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive. I've been aware of the rather large Kirk/Spock following (I've the origin of the term slash comes from the multitude of Kirk slash Spock pairings in fan fiction, and look, Wikipedia agrees with me), though for some reason I've never been into the K/S stuff. I'm not much of a fan of TOS in general, though I loved TNG. And yet, I never much cared for Picard/Riker stuff, either. Now, Troi/Crusher and Troi/Data I could get into. I've read some good, erotic stuff featuring all flavors of the Federation, though I wouldn't know where to look for it now. Besides, I need to write more original fiction and not be sucked into universes where I don't own the names involved.

The Pink Rabbit Consortium is a great place for F/F fanfic. Mostly Xena and Buffy, natch, but you can also find the occasional ER and Law and Order bit (mainly starring Abby, guess Claire wasn't slashy enough). I noticed, though, there's very little TNG action there. A shame. Of all the Trek ladies, Troi is the only one who could send me to the Lambda quadrant.

Wow, from Zappa to Trek Smut in 60 seconds. New record.

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